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    Update and ongoing activities regarding the D1MPA proposal since presentation at CCAMLR-39

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    Delegations of Argentina and Chile
    Submitted By:
    Mr Máximo Gowland (Argentina)
    Approved By:
    Mr Máximo Gowland (Argentina)

    This paper provides an update of the latest considerations for the D1MPA proposal during the 2020-2021 intersessional period. It explores the proposal in the context of the expiration of CM 51-07, the new krill fishery management strategy under development, and the risk assessment framework where D1MPA provides a solid scenario for the spatial allocation of catch with a low risk to predators and the fishery (WG-EMM-21). Additionally, the paper sets up the initial stages for the development of a comprehensive and multinational Research and Monitoring Plan (RMP) that would seek to generate synergies between national Antarctic programs, multinational initiatives, NGOs and the fishing industry.