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    Proposal to amend Conservation Measure 26-01

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    Document Number:
    CCAMLR-41/26 Rev. 1
    Delegation of the European Union
    Submitted By:
    Mr Luis Molledo (European Union)
    Approved By:
    Mr Luis Molledo (European Union)

    The aim of this working paper is to continue the discussions held at CCAMLR-40 on the provisions relating environmental protection, in particular as regards CCAMLR Conservation Measure (CM) 26-01.

    The EU considers that additional amendments are possible to this CM because according to article 9.2 (i) of the CAMLR Convention, the Commission may adopt any CM deemed to contribute to the objectives of the Convention, including the prevention of changes in the marine ecosystem.

    The EU suggests that it could be useful to further amend CM 26-01 as follows:

    • Replacing the concept of a “vessel fishing” by a larger definition of “fishing vessel” that includes references to any vessel equipped to be used for the purposes of fishing related activities. A new footnote (2 bis) would include the concept of ‘fishing vessel’, in line with footnote 3 of CCAMLR CM 10-03.
    • To apply the specific prohibition of discharging garbage (under specific conditions), poultry, sewage and offal and discards (under specific conditions) to the whole Convention Area of CCAMLR, except for those cases where it is possible to proceed north of 60 South and under the conditions set out in MARPOL.
    • To adjust the concept of garbage in a new footnote (8) as per MARPOL.