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    Proposed revision to CM 10-05

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    Document Number:
    Delegation of the Republic of Korea
    Submitted By:
    Ms Jung-re Riley Kim (Korea, Republic of)
    Approved By:
    Ms Jung-re Riley Kim (Korea, Republic of)

    The Republic of Korea is suggesting an exemption for biological samples of Dissostichus spp. that are intended solely for scientific and research purposes and are not meant for market entry or commercial trade. The aim behind this proposal is to alleviate unnecessary administrative burdens. This exemption aligns with the intentions of CM10-05, as outlined in its preamble. CM10-05 primarily focuses on effectively tracing toothfish entering the market and ensuring that imported toothfish are caught in a manner consistent with CCAMLR conservation standards.

    Annex 10-05/A Attachment 1 includes a section (Section 9) that pertains to the "description of fish sold." It is important to note that the biological samples of toothfish, which are exclusively intended for submission to national authorities of Contracting Parties for scientific and research purposes, do not carry the risk of facilitating illegal toothfish trade. As a result, the exclusion of this specific category of toothfish from the requirements of the CCAMLR Catch Document Scheme (CDS) does not compromise the core objectives of the scheme.

    The proposed alteration can be found in footnote 1 within the track changes.