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    Rockhopper penguins and other marine life threatened by driftnet fisheries in the south Atlantic ocean

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    Delegation of South Africa
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    The oriental driftnet fleet, which is responsible for the large scale mortality of non-target species in the Pacific Ocean, has extended its range to include the South Atlantic Ocean. Relatively little is known about the areas of operation and impacts of driftnetting in the South Atlantic as yet, but it is emerging that driftnetting is equally devastating to the fauna of the South Atlantic. This paper reviews the impact of the driftnet fishery on non-target species in the central South Atlantic Ocean. Several lines of evidence suggest that fishing effort is focused around Tristan da Cunha, apparently resulting in considerable mortality of rockhopper penguins (Eudyptes chrysocome) and other marine organisms. CCAMLR should take account of incidental mortality, especially of seabirds and marine mammals, from driftnetting operations outside the CCAMLR region where such mortality may include migratory species from within the region.

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