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    Table of Contents
    Topic Page
    Introduction 1
    Fisheries in 2009/10 1
    Fishery monitoring 3
    Data reporting 4
    Other Points for Consideration 4
    Vulnerable marine ecosystems 5
    Notifications made under CM 22-06 5
    Notifications made under CM 22-07 6
    Research hauls in exploratory fisheries 6
    Scientific observers 7
    Fishery notifications 7
    New and exploratory fisheries notified under CMs 21-01 and 21-02 7
    Preliminary assessments of impacts of bottom fishing CM 22-06 7
    Krill fisheries notified under CM 21-03 8
    Scientific research notifications 8
    Appendix 1: Catch limits and total reported catches in 2009/10 9
    1. Conservation Measures (CM) and resolutions adopted at CCAMLR-XXVIII were
    notified to Members in November 2009 (COMM CIRC 09/120, SC CIRC 09/61), and the
    CMs became binding in May 2010. These CMs and resolutions were published in the
    Schedule of Conservation Measures in Force in 2009/10 (see CCAMLR-XXIX/BG/9 for
    2. The implementation of CMs dealing with fisheries, data reporting, monitoring and
    notifications for fisheries (new, exploratory and krill) and scientific research is discussed in
    this paper. The implementation of CMs focused on compliance and the System of Inspection
    is reported in CCAMLR-XXIX/BG/7 and BG/8.
    FISHERIES IN 2009/101
    3. The 2009/10 fishing season started on 1 December 2009 and will end on 30 November
    2010, and fishing is still in progress in some areas. In accordance with CMs in force,
    Members’ fishing vessels operated in the following fisheries:
     Fisheries for icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari) in Division 58.5.2 and Subarea 48.3
    (total reported catch 377, Table 1);
     Fisheries for toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides and/or Dissostichus mawsoni) in
    Divisions 58.4.1, 58.4.2, 58.4.3a and 58.4.3b and Subareas 48.3, 48.4, 48.6, 88.1 and
    88.2 (total reported catch 8 291 tonnes, Table 1, see also SC-CAMLR-XXIX/BG/1);