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    Compliance requirements for an orderly development of the krill fishery

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    Delegation of Australia
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    During deliberations at CCAMLR XXV on revising the precautionary catch limit for krill in Statistical Division 58.4.2 Australia noted that while the scientific data supported an increase, such a large increase required the inclusion of other elements in the conservation measure to facilitate the orderly and precautionary development of the fishery. Australia considers that there are a number of compliance measures that have proven successful in managing the toothfish fisheries that are also applicable to the krill fishery to ensure that the expanding krill fishery continues to be consistent with the objective of the Convention. This paper outlines the applicable compliance measures that would allow this to occur, and provides justification for their inclusion. The paper recommends that from a compliance perspective, the following is required to ensure the orderly development of the krill fishery: o CM 10-03 (Port inspections of vessels carrying toothfish) be amended to also apply to the krill fishery. o CM 10-04 (Automated satellite-linked Vessel Monitoring System) be amended to also apply to the krill fishery. o Transhipment operations be overseen by the flag State, similar to the unloading of catches at port in CM 10-03 (Port inspections of vessels carrying toothfish). o Components of CM 21-02 (Exploratory fisheries) be applied to CM 21-03 (Notifications of intent to participate in a krill fishery). Australia considers that CCAMLR cannot meet its objective, nor can the orderly development and management of the krill fishery be achieved, unless the measures outlined above are adopted. This is in keeping with CCAMLR’s approach to the management of its fisheries, and Australia has every confidence that the Commission can adopt the necessary compliance measures for the krill fishery.