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    Review of the CCAMLR regulatory framework and recommendations for streamlining fishery status

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    Document Number:
    CCAMLR-XXXIV/17 Rev. 1
    Chair of the Scientific Committee
    Submitted By:
    Dr Christopher Jones (United States of America)

    In 2014 the  Commission acknowledged the extensive developments that have taken place in recent years in relation to research fishing in exploratory fisheries, closed fisheries and other areas and  requested a review of the requirements of CM 21-02 and related measures (e.g., CMs 21-01 and 24-01) in light of these developments.  It is apparent that the nomenclature and working ‘status’ of individual fisheries and the regulatory framework have become somewhat disconnected, and the Scientific Committee and Commission may wish to review the current status and nomenclature of exploratory and closed fisheries, with a view to  realign these fisheries with their status within the context of the  regulatory framework. There may also be a need to review the relevant Conservation Measures to determine the information requirements, and the process for obtaining that information, for all fisheries targeting toothfish that are not established fisheries. One option may be to consider decoupling  the Research Plan pro-forma from CM 24-01 (Annex A, Format 2) and make it an annex to CM 41-01 noting that this would require a change in the status of some fisheries  from ‘Closed’ to ‘Exploratory’ and would require new/revised  CM(s) that includes a specific research catch limit.