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    Proposal for a revision of the compliance status categories in CM 10-10

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    Delegation of Chile
    Submitted By:
    Mr Francisco Berguño
    Approved By:
    Mr Francisco Berguño

    Since 2013 the Secretariat of the Commission has been preparing an annual compliance report in accordance with the provisions of Conservation Measure 10-10. This report has facilitated the analysis by the Standing Committee on Implementation and Compliance (SCIC) of alleged issues of non-compliance with some conservation measures. The report and its discussion have made it possible to clarify the text of some measures that could be read in ways that allowed for differing interpretations and to refine some measures that were in force, and have contributed to general diagnostics of compliance levels by the Members of the Commission. However, the current compliance status categories contained in the table attached to Conservation Measure 10-10 sometimes lead to protracted discussions over what should be considered ‘partially compliant’ or ‘non-compliant’. This proposal aims at modifying the table of compliance status categories so that this kind of discussions are avoided, thus reducing the time devoted to discussions by the Committee.