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    Notification for the Ross Sea shelf survey in 2021

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    Document Number:
    Delegation of New Zealand
    Submitted By:
    Mr Nathan Walker (New Zealand)
    Approved By:
    Mr Nathan Walker (New Zealand)

    The Ross Sea shelf survey has been conducted annually since 2012, with the most recent revised proposal presented in 2017 and spanning five years (2018–2022). This paper:

    • serves as notification for the 2021 survey under CM 24-01 following the survey design proposed in WG-SAM-17/39, and annual notifications in WG-FSA-18/41 and WG-SAM-19/03;
    • fulfils the new requirement for a self-assessment of research proposals;
    • provides updated information needed for CM 24-05;
    • proposes a catch limit allocation mechanism for the survey; and
    • updates the milestone achievement table.

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