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    Results of research into distribution and status of stocks of target species in the Convention Area – Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean sectors of the Antarctic

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    USSR Delegation

    The USSR has carried out coordinated fisheries research in Antarctic since 1961. The results of more than 130 research cruises are summarised according to the three major sectors : the Atlantic Sector, the Indian Sector and the Pacific Sector. For each particular sector the review contains :
    • location, period of time and main objects of research cruises,
    • average annual hydrometeorological condition and its variability,
    • main target species and its biological and fishery description,
    • particulars of bioproductivity cycle.
    The Atlantic Sector has be en studied more thoroughly.
    The biology and fishery description includes such items as geographical distribution, population structure, life span, modal length and weight, growth patterns, length and age at maturity, sex ratio, period of spawning, fecundity, food habits, natural mortality as well as optimum fishing parameters including optimum age, length and weight, fishing mortality and recommended minimum mesh size. The analyses of data collected have shown that the entire Antarctic are a may be divided into two natural zones : zone of open Antarctic waters and zone of pack ice. These zones have distinct climatic and ice conditions, physical and chemical water characteristics, distribution of biogenous elements and processes of bioproductivity. The shelf areas have the higher level of fish productivity. The necessity to continue coordinated research is underlined and some particular fields of investigation are listed.