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    Joint Polish/American hydroacoustic survey of Elephant Island in the vicinity of King George Island, 1988

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    The hydroacoustic survey found a low krill abundance in most areas covered by last years survey. The total biomass in the vicinity of Elephant Island was estimated from 120 kHz data to be 260 k tons and that in the Bransfield Strait South of King George Island was 39 k tons for a total of 299 k tons in the combined areas. The estimated 200 kHz survey data were higher, giving 715 k tons near Elephant Island and 83 k tons in the Bransfield Strait. The survey results apply to 7,453 nm2 near Elephant Island and 2,894 nm2 in the Bransfield Strait. The full survey found (120 kHz data) 385k tons (in 7,787 nm2) in the Bransfield Strait and the area North of King George Island and 309k tons (in 8,836 nm2) in the expanded area around Elephant Island.