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    Report on attendance at the Third Meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection Under the Madrid Protocol

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    Chair of the CCAMLR Scientific Committee

    This report outlines the participation of the SC-CAMLR Chair in the Third Meeting of Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP-III) under the Madrid Protocol. The most important issues of relevance to CCAMLR are:
    (a) CCAMLR has been requested to table a report at the next CEP meeting on marine debris, especially in relation to compliance with Protocol Annex IV;
    (b) SC-CAMLR should consider the designation of Specially Protected Species in respect of its own needs and in relation to available IUCN criteria;
    (c) CCAMLR's consideration of l\-larine Protected Areas should be carried forward and in this context the Guidelines for Implementation of Article 3, Annex V of the Environmental Protocol -Antarctic Specially Protected Areas developed by the CEP may offer a useful point of departure;
    (d) The potential for CEMP data to complement that from the COMNAP environmental monitoring programme around Antarctic research stations should be kept under review;
    (e) SC-CAMLR's potential involvement in the State of the Antarctic Environment Report should be noted and a paper from SCAR on the matter is anticipated at SC-CAMLR-XIX;
    (f) The CCAMLR Secretariat has been requested to provide CEP-IV with a paper outlining the former's experience with data/information management, and
    (g) The participation of the SC-CAMLR Chair in the work and meetings of the CEP has been extremely useful and should continue to be supported.