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    Light-mantled sooty albatross on Campbell Island, 1995–96: a pilot investigation

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    Delegation of New Zealand

    A pilot census of light-mantled sooty albatross Phoebetria palpebrata nests was conducted on western Campbell Island in November 1995. An extrapolation from 292 nests counted on 19 km of coastline, more than 77 seen on offshore islands, and 32 found in four inland areas, suggests that there were at least 1600 nests on the island in 1995-96. Standard vantage points were established for future index counts. Sixty nests were monitored, and 50% were still successfully rearing chick in January-February. Five nests at Beeman Hill and 12 nests at north-west Lyall ridge were monitored closely, and adults banded.