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    Bottom fishing in high-seas areas of CCAMLR

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    Delegations of Australia and the USA
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    This paper considers the relationship between bottom fisheries, benthic habitats and related ecosystems and what steps need to be taken to ensure that destructive fishing practices are eliminated in the CCAMLR Area. It defines “destructive fishing practices” and proposes a process for addressing these issues, including (i) methods for evaluating the interactions between bottom fisheries and marine habitats, and (ii) the management of bottom fisheries within CCAMLR and whether destructive fishing practices can be eliminated. It concludes that bottom fishing in the Convention Area can be managed through existing measures and practices. Conservation Measure CM 21-01 does not provide interim controls on fishing activities that may cause significant harm but there is provision in Conservation Measure CM 21-02 to ensure that fishing practices are not destructive or cause significant harm to vulnerable marine ecosystems. Assessment and monitoring of interactions between fishing gears and benthic habitats could be facilitated by having Data Research Plans of CM 21-02 include experimental work as well as having small-scale camera equipment used by the CCAMLR Scheme of International Scientific Observation to directly observe the fishing gear on the bottom.

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