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    Progress in the process for the designation of a Marine Protected Area in Domain 1

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    Delegations of Argentina and Chile
    Submitted By:
    Mr Juan Ignacio Herrero Lo Giudice (Argentina)
    Approved By:
    Dr Enrique Marschoff (Argentina)

    Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have been on the agenda of the Antarctic Treaty System since at least 2005. Since then, various efforts have been made with the aim of conserving Antarctic marine living resources. In the current context of climate change, the Antarctic Peninsula and Southern Scotia Arc (Domain 1) areas are particularly important, since they are one of the regions of the planet that are most at risk from the effects of climate change. In this document we describe progress made in the process of designation of a representative system of MPAs in Domain 1, and highlight that it extends beyond the primary aim of establishing an MPA, i.e. the conservation of resources. The process itself includes the compilation, analysis, integration and publication of a great deal of the available information, which not only contributes to the accumulation of scientific knowledge but also offers an exceptional tool for viewing and sharing information, thereby facilitating the decision-making process.

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