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    Domain 1 Marine Protected Area Preliminary Proposal PART A-2: MPA Model

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    Document Number:
    Delegations of Argentina and Chile
    Submitted By:
    Ms Andrea Capurro
    Approved By:
    Dr Enrique Marschoff (Argentina)

    This document contributes to the planning process for the designation of a Domain 1 MPA led by Argentina and Chile. Specifically, this paper describes the rationale behind the development of the Domain 1 MPA model, which was based on the identification of Priority Areas for Conservation (PAC, WG-EMM-17/23, SC-CCAMLR XXXVI/XX) and considerations of krill fishery management and climate change, which was introduced and discussed during WG-EMM 2017. 

    Given the complexity of Domain 1 and the large number of human activities in the region including research, fishing activities and tourism, the creation of a multinational Expert Group was proposed during WG-EMM-17 (WG-EMM-17, paragraph 4.2). This could constitute an appropriate mechanism to further discuss the Domain 1 MPA model, as well as the most adequate Research and Monitoring Plan, in order to achieve a management that ensures protection while allowing rational use of the resources, thus, in accordance with the Objectives of the Convention (WG-EMM-17/23, SC-CAMLR XXXVI/XX).

    Within the multinational approach undertaken so far, Argentina and Chile invite Members and Observers to consider the preliminary Domain 1 MPA model and encourage them to participate in future work towards the designation of a CCAMLR Domain 1 MPA through the Expert Group or other agreed mechanisms.