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    Interannual hydroclimate fluctuations of the Atlantic part of the Antarctic since 1970 to 2000

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    G. Chernega, I. Polischuk and P. Chernyshkov (Russia)
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    Late in 1999 and early in 2000 there was observed a significant shifting of Falkland Current core towards the shelf and abnormally large number of icebergs on the South Georgia Island shelf. In this connection, retrospective hydrometeorological data on the areas of South-West Atlantic Antarctic were examined from 1970 to 2000 March. The analysis of atmospheric pressure average monthly fields by principal component method, and analysis of interannual variations of atmospheric circulation indices showed that since 1996 atmospheric process unusual development had been observed. In 1996-1998 an anomalous increase of meridional air transport southern component was recorded. Similar situations were not observed for the whole period under investigation. As the result, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current regime could be changed which, in turn, provoked variations in hydrodynamic conditions of krill habitat within insular areas. Small number of krill aggregations near South Georgia Island in January-February 2000 may serve as an indirect confirmation