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    Some changes observed in Antarctic seabird distribution and behaviour

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    F. Litvinov (Russia)
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    The data on sea birds distribution and abundance collected on the route Kaliningrad (Baltic Sea) - Falkland Isl. - South Georgia Isl.- South Sandwich Isl. - South Georgia Isl. - Montevideo - Kaliningrad from 1999 November to 2000 April are analyzed. Significant shift of the southern boundary range of the great shearwater Puffinus gravis up to South Sandwich Islands (about 7 degrees) is revealed. The fact may be explained by abundance fluctuation or shift of the Southern Polar Front to the South. Unusual behavior was observed in blackbrowed albatross Diomedea (Thalassarche) melanophris. It was observed diving for fish and swimming underwater at the depth 1.5 m during 15 seconds. Near South Sandwich archipelago very low abundance area of blackbrowed albatross is revealed. The phenomenon may be explained by avoidance by BA in the area of the cold Weddell Sea waters penetrating North along the archipelago.