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    A review and preliminary analysis of CEMP data

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    A review of the data in the CEMP database revealed minor inconsistencies that have now been amended. These inconsistencies had no effect on the CEMP indices, but needed to be corrected. Other problems were detected, such as the use of old forms and Standard Methods, and the increasing amount of automated data being collected and submitted. Members should ensure that they use the most current Standard Methods and CEMP forms found on the website ( A review of the standard methods would ensure that everybody is satisfied with the existing methods, and new guidelines regarding automated collection could be incorporated. Preliminary analysis of breeding population size and breeding chronology of the Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) revealed a continual decline of the breeding population at Anvers Island. As the breeding success at this site has not declined also, local redistribution could be the cause. An examination of migration patterns in the Peninsula region would make show the validity of this theory. Water currents around the continent may have an important effect on the timing of critical dates in the breeding biology, however this needs to be examined more closely. Further analyses could be performed with the CEMP data, since the flying seabird and seal data have not yet been examined.