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    Database of CCAMLR working documents

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    Over 250 documents are now prepared and submitted each year to CCAMLR Meetings. These documents contain major contributions to the work of CCAMLR and provide an important record of the history of scientific, political and administrative developments. While readily accessible within the Secretariat, this literature is often difficult to access by Members undertaking work for CCAMLR. This point has been discussed by Working Groups, and various requests have been made for the Secretariat to examine the feasibility of creating a database of CCAMLR working documents that could be indexed by keywords and accessed by Members (eg SC-CAMLR-XX, Annex 5, paragraph 10.10ii).
    We have designed a simple database in MS Access to catalog documents submitted to CCAMLR meetings. The database contains hyperlinks to documents available electronically in portable document format (pdf). The information in this database is subject to the rules for access and use of CCAMLR data.
    At the time of writing, a total of 3824 references had been entered into the database, of which 1032 (27%) where hyperlinked to the pdf version of the source documents. The database and associated files currently occupy 1.25 Gb.