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    Modern mean monthly SST and SST anomalies off South Georgia during recent years (based on satellite data)

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    G.P. Vanyushin (Russia)
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    VNIRO has carried out monitoring of sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) in Subarea 48.3 (South Georgia). Current satellite surveys provide constant information for modern appreciation of changing the mean monthly SST and SST anomalies during recent years. Daily satellite data from GOES-E and real-time data from vessels and buoy stations are processed to develop initial weekly SST maps. For quantitative analysis of variations in temperature distribution in South Georgia waters we randomly selected two grid cells (sell 1 and sell 2) on the SST map which have a resolution of 2°x2° and are centered at 54°S 41°W and 53°S 37°W respectively. This work is continuing.