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    Exchange of wandering albatrosses Diomedea exulans
    between the Prince Edward and Crozet Islands: implications
    for conservation

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    J. Cooper (South Africa) and H. Weimerskirch (France)
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    Exchange of 61 wandering albatrosses Diomedea exulans has been recorded between the French Crozet Islands and the South African Prince Edward Islands, 1 068 km apart in the Southern Ocean. Most movements of banded birds (57) have been westwards, from the Crozets to the Prince Edwards. In all, 18 fledglings banded at Possession Island, Crozets, have bred at Marion Island, Prince Edwards, but only one fledgling from Marion Island has been recorded breeding on Possession. The wandering albatrosses of the two island groups form a metapopulation that ideally should be conserved as a single unit. Its is suggested that France and South Africa collaborate through the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels to effect an improved conservation status for the wandering albatrosses of the two island groups.