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    Time series of Drake Passage Oscillation Index (DPOI) from 1952 to 2005, Antarctica

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    M. Naganobu and K. Kutsuwada (Japan)
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    An assessment of the environmental processes influencing variability in the recruitment and density of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba DANA) is important as variability in krill stocks affects the Antarctic marine ecosystem as a whole. Naganobu et al. (1999) had assessed variability in krill recruitment and density in the Antarctic Peninsula area with an environmental factor; strength of westerly winds (westerlies) determined from sea-level pressure differences across the Drake Passage, between Rio Gallegos (51°32’S, 69°17’W), Argentina, and Base Esperanza (63°24’S, 56°59’W), at the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula during 1982-1998. Fluctuations in the westerlies across the Drake Passage were referred to as the Drake Passage Oscillation Index (DPOI). They found significant correlations between krill recruitment and DPOI. Additionally, we calculated a new time series of DPOI from January 1952 to March 2005.