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    Using carapace measurements to determine the sex of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)

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    J.D. Lipsky, M.E. Goebel, C.S. Reiss and V. Loeb (USA)
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    Krill carapaces measurements have been used to reconstruct krill length frequencies in Antarctic fur seal diet. The discriminant function currently used to determine sex, and the sex-specific allometric equations for calculating total length from carapace length, were derived from South Georgia krill populations. The equations have been applied to fur seal diet studies in the South Shetlands but until now have not been validated using locally sampled krill. This study reports on a three year study validating the use of discriminant functions to determine sex of krill based on carapace length and width and independently derives sex-specific regression models for krill collected in the South Shetlands. Allometric equations derived from South Georgia krill overestimated total length. Applying a discriminant function derived from mature krill in years following significant recruitment events with large proportions of immature krill resulted in significant bias towards male krill and an overestimation of krill length. We propose some standard guidelines for applying discriminant functions, allometric equations and for interpreting results.