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    Some characteristics of krill transport in the Scotia Sea based
    on the Russian survey data

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    S.M. Kasatkina, V.N. Shnar and O.V. Berezhinsky (Russia)
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    In this work the characteristics of krill transport across the SSMUs determined on the basis of long-term Russian research in Area 48 are considered. Estimates of mean current velocities based on the long-term data from 3012 stations and respective time intervals when the water mass in the study area was totally replaced are presented. It is shown that in SSMUs the multiple total replacement of water masses is possible during one fishing season. These processes of water mass replacement will be accompanied with krill biomass transport across the boundaries of the SSMUs. Our estimates of krill flux out SSMU during fishing season appeared incomparable neither with the historical annual catch within SSMU, nor with the total catch from the Scotia Sea for any fishing season during the latest 20 years. It is shown that total krill biomass of 3.392 mln.t. transported by water mass out three SSMUs is comparable to the total precautionary yield value in the Scotia Sea comprising 3.17 mln.t. It is concluded that krill transport estimates should be taken into consideration in the scheme for allocating the krill catch limit among SSMUs in the Scotia Sea developing by CCMLR. This is primarily referred to the fourth option of the schemes (Hewitt, et al, 2004)