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    Krill fishery report: 2005 update

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    This report on the krill fishery in Area 48 has been prepared in a format similar to the “Fishery Reports” developed by WG-FSA in 2004. As reported to the CCAMLR Secretariat, 9 vessels from 6 Contracting Parties are fishing for krill in Area 48 in the 2004/05 season, and these vessels have taken 62049 t of krill to date. Two CCAMLR scientific observers have been deployed. The preliminary estimate of the total catch of krill for the season is approx 142000 t. This compares with 118166 t of krill reported in 2003/04. One monthly catch and effort report is overdue for 2004/05, and some fine-scale data are overdue for 2003/04.
    The report includes: Availability of fishery and observer data; Time series of catch by season, Contracting Party and small-scale management unit; Species composition of by-catch; Occurrence of incidental catches of seabirds and mammals; Development of measures of overlap between the krill fishery and krill predators; Consideration of the Conservation Measures in force in the fishery. Reference information on stock and areas, and parameters used in stock assessment is also included.