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    Identification of marine Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas for penguins in South Shetland and South Orkney Islands: a comparison of two different approaches

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    M.P. Dias, A.P.B. Carneiro, V. Warwick-Evans, C. Harris, K. Lorenz, P. Trathan
    Submitted By:
    Dr Marta Söffker (European Union)
    Approved By:
    Ms Doro Forck (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    • We provide a method of analysing penguin tracking data to identify marine IBAs, based on pre-existing approaches but revised according to the specific ecology of Pygoscelis penguin species;

    • Key improvements to the pre-existing approach include 1) refining track interpolation methods, and 2) revision of parameters for the kernel analysis (the smoothing factor and the utilization distribution);

    • We applied the revised method to 24 datasets of tracking data (three species, seven colonies and three different breeding stages – incubation, brood and crèche);

    • We compared the results of the marine IBA protocol with the results of habitat models, developed with data collected at other colonies;

    • We show, for the first time, that maps of predicted distributions based on habitat suitability models can be used with a high degree of confidence to identify marine IBAs for penguins;

    • The results reported here provide a new method for the designation of a network of marine IBAs in Antarctic waters for penguins, based on tracking data (when available) and habitat modelling, which can contribute to an evidence-based, precautionary, management framework for krill fisheries.