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    Proposal for an acoustic krill biomass survey in CCAMLR Subarea 48.1 in relation to the hydrological environment and in conjunction with carbon cycling and temperature adaptation experiments of krill and salps

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    B. Meyer, L. Suberg, S. Fielding, O.R. Godø and C. Reiss
    Submitted By:
    Dr Lavinia Suberg (Germany)
    Approved By:
    Professor Thomas Brey

    As part of the German contribution to Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), we will conduct an acoustic krill (Euphausia superba) biomass survey in CCAMLR division 48.1 during April 2018. The survey will be part of a larger research cruise (PS112) investigating the role of krill and salps in Southern Ocean carbon cycling and the temperature adaptation capacities of both species in the context of climate change. Acoustic survey and physiological experiments will be conducted in conjunction with a detailed description of the biological and physical environment of the krill habitat. The overall objective of the German contribution is to provide an overarching assessment of the effect of climate change on krill and associated ecosystem-processes. The aim of this particular proposal however is to discuss the proposed design and methods of the acoustic biomass survey to ensure they align with CCAMLR standard procedures and are comparable with previous krill biomass surveys.