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    Developing layers for a Risk Assessment for Subarea 48.1 using data from at-sea sightings

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    V. Warwick-Evans, L. Dalla Rosa, E. Secchi, E. Seyboth, N. Kelly and P.N. Trathan
    Submitted By:
    Professor Philip Trathan (Oceanites)
    Approved By:
    Dr Chris Darby (United Kingdom)

    CCAMLR has endorsed the use of the Risk Assessment framework to apportion the krill catch limits in order to minimise the risk of the fishery to krill dependent predators. We plan to apply the risk assessment framework across Subarea 48.1 at various spatial and temporal scales, in order to identify the most appropriate way to spread catch limits for the krill fishery. The risk assessment framework requires data layers describing the distribution and krill consumption by krill-dependent predators. This paper describes the analysis of cetacean observations from at-sea surveys, to estimate the abundance, distribution and consumption of krill by humpback whales, to be input into the risk assessment framework.