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    ASPA No. XXX Western Bransfield Strait and Eastern Dallmann Bay for Review by CCAMLR

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    P. Penhale
    Submitted By:
    Dr Polly A. Penhale (United States of America)
    Approved By:
    Dr George Watters (United States of America)

    During the 2021-2022 Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) intersessional period, the United States completed its 5-year review of the management plans for ASPA No. 152 Western Bransfield Strait and ASPA No.153 Eastern Dallmann Bay. The  comprehensive review of these sites in close consultation with scientists working in the Area verified that the values under special protection at these sites are still valid and that measures for protection of those values are sufficient.

    The review also identified that ASPA No.152 and ASPA No.153 share common purposes, aims, objectives and management policies. Moreover, the scientific interest and activities within these areas are also similar. As such, the review identified there would be considerable benefit to merging the two ASPAs into a single plan covering both sites. The merger maintains the same level of protection while simplifying the plan and eliminating much needless duplication.

    Given that the areas represented by ASPA 152 and 153 have increased slightly (1504 km sq and 710 km sq, respectively, the United States is submitting the revised management plan including the merger to CCAMLR for its approval, per Decision 9 (2005). That decision states that for the purpose of the implementation of Article 6.2 of the Environmental Protocol, draft management plans that contain marine areas which require a prior approval of CCAMLR are those which (a) in which there is actual harvesting or potential capability of harvesting of marine living resources which might be affected by site designation; or( b) for which there are provisions specified in a draft management plan which might prevent or restrict CCAMLR related activities. Concurrently, due to the proposed merger of ASPAs 152 and 153, the management plan is being reviewed by the CEP Subsidiary Group for Management plans during the current intersessional period.