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    Korean Antarctic research and monitoring in the Ross Sea region in support of Conservation Measure 91-05

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    J.-H. Kim, H.S. La, K. Lee, H.-C. Kim, J.-U. Kim, J. Park, H. C. Shin, D.N. Kim and S. Chung
    Submitted By:
    Dr Jeong-Hoon Kim (Korea, Republic of)
    Approved By:
    Ms Jung-re Riley Kim (Korea, Republic of)

    After the establishment of Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area (RSRMPA) in 2017, Republic of Korea granted a Research and Development (R&D) program to understand the impact of climate change on the structure and function of the ecosystem in RSRMPA for five years between 2017 and 2022. And thus, the ‘Korea Ecosystem Structure and Function of Marine Protected Area(MPA) in Antarctica’(K-ESF MPA program) was launched and has been conducted research and monitoring projects within the Conservation Measure 91-05 and its Annex 91-05/A, B, and C. So far, we have updated 15 cases of data sets and peer-reviewed scientific papers related the K-ESF program. In 2018, CCAMLR secretariat added a new CEMP site of Adélie Penguin Colony in the Cape Hallett, Northern Victoria Land where Korea research team has repeatedly conducted monitoring projects and annually submitted CEMP-data to CCAMLR Secretariat. In this paper, we contained 17 summaries of peer-reviewed scientific papers, including 4 marine organism cases, 4 studies about Antarctic fish genomic information, 4 research on top predators, and 5 projects related to oceanography.