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    Brief information on the results of the bottom trawl and trawl–acoustic surveys carried out by STM Atlantida in the South Georgia subarea (48.3) during January to March 2002

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    V.N. Shnar, V.A. Khvichia and A.P. Malyshko (Russia)
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    The results of researches carried out in expeditions of S?? “?tlantida” in summer-autumn period of the southern hemisphere from 30 January to 14 March 2002 are presented. These researches included the bottom trawl survey on the shelf of South Georgia, Shag Rocks and Black Rocks (53?10-55?30 S, 35?40-42?50 W); the acoustic survey with control hauls targeting recorded aggregations on the South Georgia shelf (53?10- 55?30 S, 34?00-39?40 W); series of oceanographic observations.