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    Subgroup on Assessment Methods: Report to the Working Group on Fish Stock Assessment 2002

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    A.J. Constable (Subgroup Coordinator)
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    Over the last two years, discussions in WG-EMM, WG-FSA and the Scientific Committee have highlighted a need to develop an integrated work plan to develop and validate assessment methods.
    WG-FSA noted (paragraph 11.3, WG-FSA 2001) that there are substantial difficulties added to the work of the assessment subgroup when new quantitative methodologies are introduced and incorporated into assessments undertaken during the time of a single meeting of WG-FSA. Issues related to the current procedures and new assessment techniques need to be introduced to the assessment subgroup and tested prior to WG-FSA. The Working Group suggested that the best way to achieve this is for the assessment subgroup to have intersessional communication to identify and discuss concerns, requirements and new methods. The activities of the assessment subgroup should be prioritised before the meeting to increase the efficiency and quality of the assessments.
    This paper amalgamates the correspondence from during the year and the papers submitted to WG-FSA to provide draft points for discussion by WG-FSA on
    1. materials available to WG-FSA for incorporating into assessments
    2. a draft plan for assessments at WG-FSA this year, including reporting and archiving.
    3. a proposed workplan for the future, including a timetable for work in the 2003 intersessional period.