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    In situ observations of the scavenging fauna of the
    South Georgia slope

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    M.A. Collins, I. Everson, R. Patterson, P.M. Bagley, C. Yau, M. Belchier and S. Hawkins (United Kingdom)
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    The scavenging fauna of the South Georgia slope was investigated from 41 baited camera deployment at depths of 471-2235 m during research cruises in September 1997 and January 2000 and 2003. The scavenging fauna was dominated by lithodid crabs, with Patagonian toothfish seen at most deployments. Other scavenging fauna included grenadiers (Macrourus sp.), morids and skates. The data indicate toothfish are absent from depths greater than 1800 m and temperatures less than 1.3 C. The arrival rate of crabs at the bait can be used to estimate density, but the behaviour of toothfish precludes this approach to estimating their density.