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    Towards a seabird mortality risk assessment: distribution of seabirds in the WCPFC Convention Area and potential overlap with fisheries

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    S. Waugh (New Zealand)
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    This paper reviews the distribution of seabird species with the WCPFC Area. From a review of the distributions of 99 species of albatross and petrel, 16 species of albatross and 60 species of petrel occur within the area of the WCPFC, and are potentially vulnerable to fisheries bycatch. These include species with IUCN classification of Critically Endangered (n = 1), Endangered (n = 7), Vulnerable (n =26) and Near Threatened (n = 7). The remaining 30 species are classified by the IUCN as Least Concern. This paper, having identified key risks, is intended to assist with the development of advice on mitigation of seabird mortality in fisheries in the WCPFC Convention Area. Recommendations on future approaches to mitigating risk are made.