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    A preliminary assessment of mackerel icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari) in Division 58.5.2, based on results from the 2014 random stratified trawl survey

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    D.C. Welsford (Australia)
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    Mr Doug Cooper (CCAMLR Secretariat)

    The annual Random Stratified Trawl Survey was undertaken in Division 58.5.2 in the vicinity of Heard Island during June 2014. This paper provides a preliminary assessment of mackerel icefish population structure, abundance and yield for the area of Division 58.5.2 to the west of 79° 20’ E using standard CCAMLR methods. A pattern of multiple year classes being present simultaneously in the population, which was first detected in 2011, has persisted. The large cohort observed in recent surveys was still numerically dominant, however there is evidence that recruitment to the 0+-3+ cohorts has taken place. Given the expectation that the current 4+ and 5+ cohorts are fully exploited, only the 1+-3+ cohorts were projected. These projections indicate that catches of 309t in the 2014/15 season and 275t in the 2015/16 season satisfies the CCAMLR decision rules.