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    Preliminary results on by-catch of fish during krill fishery in March to May 1993 on the polish trawler M/T Lepus

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    Z. Cielniaszek and R. Pactwa (Poland)
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    From the end of March to the beginning of May. 1993, during fishing operations for krill conducted by the m/t Lepus on the fishing grounds off South Orkney Islands: and South Georgia, investigations were• carried out to determine biological/fisheries characteristics of the exploited stocks. One of their goals was to determine the proportion of juvenile fish forms in krill concentrations. The present study gives the results of these observations. It appears from the investigations that the by-catch of juvenile fish in the krill fishery was small. and off South Orkney Islands there was no such by-catch at all in the samples collected. In both areas a small by-catch from the family Myctophidae was observed.