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    Composition and vertical distribution of the benthopelagic ichthyofauna of the southern part of the Kerguelen ridge

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    Piotrovsky, A.S.
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    AS many as 18 species of benthopelagic fishes belonging to 12 families were caught in trawls during the integrated surveys in December 1977 and in January 1978 on Elan Bank consisting of two sublatitudinal sea-bottom elevations with prevailing depths from 960 to 1350 m. Among these fishes there were found both species inhabiting exclusively in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic waters (endemies) and those having a wider geographical range. The 900-1000 m depth range was characterized by the greatest diversity of fish species, their numbers, however, being the smallest in those particular depths. Sub-Antarctic and Antarctic fish species were the dominant group. The proportion of deep-dwelling fishes increased with depth and they were quite abundant. Most abundant on Elan Bank were Macrourus whitsoni, Antimora rostrata and Alepocephalus sp. cf. antipodiana. The paper contains an annotated list of species and a brief analysis of their vertical distribution by area and depth with the information about their biological state.