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    Squalus acanthias – a new species in the Antarctic ichthyofauna (Division 58.5.1)

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    Pshenichnov, L.K.
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    Four species of shark have been known to date to occur in the sub-Antarctic waters: Lamna nasus, Somniosus microcephalus, Etmopterus lucifer, E. granulosus. A specimen of Squalus acanthias was captured in February 1995 on the shelf of the Kerguelen Islands from the depth of about 195 m and duly described . Squalus acanthias is believed to be one of the most widespread shark species in the World Ocean. The fact of capturing this species in the Kerguelen waters enlarges by far its range and adds to the list of ichthyofauna of the Antarctic, more particularly to the scanty fauna of cartilaginous fishes. The occurence of Sq. acanthias in the waters of the Kerguelen Islands is thought to suggest natural enlargement of the range of this ecologically plastic species.