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    Proposal for a new Antarctic Specially Protected Area, Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea

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    Proposed by Italy
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    The Area proposed for special protection is a small and narrow strip of waters extending approximately 9.5 km in length immediately to the south of Terra Nova Bay Station and up to a maximum of 7 km from the shore. The total area of the proposed site is just under 30 km2.
    The boundaries proposed have been selected on the basis of the following criteria:
    a) the proposed area encompasses the marine sites of primary scientific interest close to the coast and south of the station, within which long-term data have been collected;
    b) the waters and benthic communities down to 200 m in depth are of greatest scientific interest, and the boundaries have been designed so as to include most of this region;
    c) lines of latitude and longitude in the north, east and south offer a clear and practical definition of boundary coordinates which can be readily identified on maps and by ship navigation systems;
    d) the need to ensure practical access by ships to Terra Nova Bay Station and that the associated operational activities were not unduly impeded;
    e) the length of the proposed area ensures there is a gradient of distance from the station, which is useful when monitoring the extent of potential station impacts;
    f) the marine area adjacent to the local Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) colony is included, which is considered potentially useful for monitoring the marine influence of the colony as a comparison to human influences. Special protection of the colony per se, however, is not considered necessary to meet the aims and objectives of the proposed management plan.