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    Krill fishery report: 2012 update

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    Sarah Mackey (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)

    So far this season (2011/12), nine vessels from Chile, China, Japan, Korea and Norway have fished for krill in Area 48; one vessel is using the continuous fishing system. The total catch reported to May 2012 was 78468 t, mostly taken from Subarea 48.1 in December, April and May. Seven vessels were fishing, at the time of preparing this report, and 935 t of krill has been reported so far for June. The forecast total catch of krill for this season ranges approximately from 108000 to 151000 t.

    In 2010/11, 13 vessels fished for krill in Area 48 and the total catch of krill was 180986 t; two vessels used the continuous fishing system. The largest catch of krill was taken off the South Orkney Islands in Subarea 48.2 where a total of 111472 t of krill was taken from SSMU SOW (South Orkney West; this was the highest catch reported from that SSMU since 1990/91. The other main area fished during the season was South Georgia where 53112 t was taken from SSMU SGE (South Georgia East). The remainder of the catch was taken predominantly at the Antarctic Peninsula in Subarea 48.1, including 7970 t from SSMU APDPE (Antarctic Peninsula Drake Passage East).

    Eight Members submitted notifications for a total 19 vessels for krill fisheries in Subareas 48.1, 48.2, 48.3 and 48.4 in 2012/13 and there was no notification for exploratory fisheries for krill. The total notified, expected level of krill catches is 672 700 tonnes.