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    Results of scientific observation in Antarctic krill fishery in 2010/11: I. state of observer deployment and data collection

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    M. Kiyota and T. Okuda (Japan)
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    Sarah Mackey (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)

    We analyzed the 2010/11 krill observer data to confirm the outcome of recent revisions of krill observation scheme. This paper summarizes the status of observer deployment, sampling protocol and data collection in krill fisheries in 2010/11. All the 12 krill fishing vessels that operated in 2010/11 deployed scientific observers in accordance with the agreed systematic coverage. The observer allocation covered all the months and Subareas in which fishing operations were conducted. However, the coverage of krill biological sampling for hauls and the number of krill sampled for biological measurement were quite variable among vessels. Quantitative fish by-catch data were obtained only from five vessels since there was confusion on the sampling and recording protocol for fish by-catch. Given the current state of data collection, mere extension of the observer coverage may not result in the acquisition of necessary information. We should first clarify the objective of observer survey and specify the quantity and accuracy of data needed, and then revise the sampling protocol, priority of sampling, and minimal data requirement taking account of the cost and time budget of scientific observation to give clearer guidance for observers.