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    Draft MPA Report for the South Orkney Islands Southern Shelf (MPA Planning Domain 1, Subarea 48.2)

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    Delegation of the European Union
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    Mr Doug Cooper (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)

    The South Orkney Islands Southern Shelf Marine Protected Area (SOISS MPA) was established by CCAMLR in 2009 (CCAMLR-XXVIII paragraph 7.1; CM 91-03), with the objective of contributing towards the conservation of biodiversity in Subarea 48.2, and to the development of a representative system of protected areas across the Convention Area. In 2013, a preliminary draft MPA Report was developed for the SOISS MPA (WG-EMM-13/10), based on the report structure proposed in WG-EMM-12/49. The Working Group recommended that WG-EMM-13/10 should be revised to form three separate documents (WG-EMM-13 paragraph 3.22):

    i)    Management Plan

    ii)    Research and Monitoring Plan

    iii)   MPA Report

    This draft MPA Report contains: a description of the region (including evidence used to designate the MPA); details of regional and specific MPA objectives; results of research and monitoring undertaken since designation of the MPA; requirements for new research and monitoring; a summary of activities undertaken within the MPA; an assessment of the achievement of MPA objectives, and an assessment of the impact of activities on the MPA, including analysis of current and potential threats.

    It has been agreed that WG-EMM would be the appropriate working group with primary responsibility with respect to reviewing and updating the content of MPA reports (SC-CAMLR-XXXI paragraph 5.34). We have therefore developed this draft MPA Report for consideration by the Working Group, and would welcome discussion and feedback on its structure and content.