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    Review of the South Orkney Islands Southern Shelf (MPA Planning Domain 1, Subarea 48.2)

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    Delegation of the European Union
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    Mr Doug Cooper (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)

    The South Orkney Islands Southern Shelf Marine Protected Area was established by CCAMLR in 2009 (CCAMLR-XXVIII paragraph 7.1; CM 91-03) with the objective of contributing towards the conservation of biodiversity in Subarea 48.2, and to the development of a representative system of protected areas across the Convention Area. At the time of its adoption, the Commission agreed to review CM 91-03, based on advice from the Scientific Committee, at its regular meeting in 2014 and at subsequent five-year periods (CM 91-03, paragraph 9). Based on assessments described in the draft MPA Report and draft MPA Research and Monitoring Plan submitted to this Working Group (WG-EMM-14/xx and WG-EMM-14/xx), we suggest that the grounds for protection of the South Orkney Islands Southern Shelf as described in CM 91-03 remain the same as at the time of its designation. We therefore suggest that there is no requirement for new management or administrative measures at this time, or for any changes to the existing measures specified in CM 91-03.