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    Realization of the Marine Protected Area network in the Akademik Vernadsky Station region

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    A.Yu. Utevsky, E.I. Sennaya and M.Yu. Kolesnykova (Ukraine)
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    Mr Doug Cooper (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)

    More than 100 research SCUBA-dives to depths till 60 meters (2003-2004), and more than 40 research SCUBA-dives to depth till 50 meters (2011-2012) was provided. During the summer season of the 19th Ukrainian Antarctic expedition in 2014 twenty research SCUBA-dives were carried out during which a survey of the two already proposed MPAs was provided. For a further development of Marine Protected Area Network it is necessary for each area to establish a category in accordance with the procedure IUCN. Planned to research two areas: “Stella Creek” and “Skua Creek”.