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    Southern Ocean Network of Acoustics (SONA): Report on Acoustic Processing and Methods Workshop, Vigo, 24–25 April 2016

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    S. Fielding, J. Thomas, C. Anderson, A. Conchon, A. Cossio, A. Dunford, P. Escobar-Flores, J. Horne, T. Jarvis, R. Kloser and T. Ryan
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    Dr Chris Darby
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    Dr Chris Darby

    In April 2016 Southern Ocean Network of Acoustics (SONA) hosted a workshop of its partners and invited guests to discuss acoustic processing methods and future directions. Five agenda items were discussed: Acoustic data/data coverage and availability; Data processing techniques and comparison; Metrics of data quality and DOIs; Summary statistics and a way forward for regional comparison; and Current and future collaboration and opportunities. This report is a summary of those agenda items.