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    CCAMLR’s Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems bioindicator taxa: a relevant tool for benthic ecoregionalisation

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    A. Martin, E. Trouslard, M. Hautecoeur, J. Blettery, C. Moreau, T. Saucède, N. Améziane, G. Duhamel and M. Eléaume
    Presentado por:
    Mr Alexis Martin (Francia)
    Aprobado por:
    Dr Marc Eléaume (Francia)

    This document is a short extraction from the article “Benthic ecoregionalisation and conservation issues in the French Exclusive Economic Zone of Kerguelen” submitted the 16/05/2018 to the journal CCAMLR Science for the proceedings of The Second Symposium on Kerguelen Plateau Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries (13–15 November 2017, Hobart, Tasmania). Full text, figures, results, discussion and references will be available in the original article. Original article includes full benthic ecoregionalisation modelling results and an assessment of the new marine reserve of the Kerguelen EEZ regarding to the benthic conservation issues. In this document, a methodological focus is made to highlight the relevance of using the CCAMLR’s Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems bioindicator taxa to build benthic ecoregionalisation models, which constitutes a secondary result of the original study.