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    Correlation between krill and Champsocephalus gunnari stocks in the South Georgia Area 48.3

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    K.V. Shust, V.L. Senioukov, P.N. Kochkin andN.A. Petrukhina (Russia)
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    After almost a ten-year gap in fishing for Champsocephalus gunnari in the area of South Georgia and Shag Rocks, the Russian large-sized trawler ZAKHAR SOROKIN (the MOONZUND-type) attempted a short-time fishing operation in February-March, 1999. Overall, 85 pelagic trawlings yielded 264 tons of C. gunnari. Search for the fish stocks covered all the traditional sites; this allowed observers to determine a clear correlation between concentrations of adult fish and krill on the north-western shelf of South Georgia. At the same time, lasting of the feeding stocks of C. gunnari depended on weather conditions. Comparison of the obtained results with data of trawl-and-sonar surveys revealed regular occurrence of dense concentrations of C. gunnari on the north-western shelf of South Georgia.