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    Supplement to the krill synoptic survey design in Area 48 (with participation of a Russian scientific research vessel)

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    V.A. Sushin, S.M. Kasatkina and F.F. Litvinov (Russia)
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    The necessity of synoptic survey covering the South Sandwich Islands that are an integral part of Area 48 is discussed. It is shown that in this case there shall be obtained for the first time for the recent twenty years the material which allows to have an idea of krill simultaneous distribution over the whole water area of Subareas 48.1-48.4 covering a vast zone of krill drift and that of concentration of fishing grounds between the Antarctic Peninsula and the most southern Sandwich Islands up to 20° W. It is emphasized that in this way there shall be obtained the data that are important both to acquire knowledge in appropriateness of krill horizontal distribution over the whole Area 48, and to reveal interrelations between individual Subareas of the same. It is given a supplement to the most up-to-date survey design, taking into account the operation by Russian R/V ATLANTIDA in Subarea 48.4, as being a part of the forthcoming synoptic survey in Area 48.