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    CCAMLR Survey Database: development during 2002

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    Considerable progress was made on the survey database in early 2002. However, this work had to be postponed because of a higher priority need for developing a web-based data system for the Catch Documentation Scheme. Work on the survey database in 2002 included:
    • revision of the database model;
    • documentation of the database specifications;
    • development of data uploading routines;
    • revision of data extraction routine for CMIX and trawlCI; and
    • processing of historical data.
    The survey database consists of some 50 tables and 50+ stored procedures and triggers. A detailed description of the database specifications is given in ‘Technical Specifications for the Survey Database (see document in ‘\FSA 2002\Survey Database’ on the server). The primary tables are: Survey; SurveyEvent; CatchSummary; CatchLWSM; and Specimen. Data from sixteen surveys have now been uploaded to the survey database.
    Substantial further work is required to complete key elements of the database, as well as tidy up and transfer existing CCAMLR data to the new survey database. Future work may also include the development of a stand-alone database for at-sea entry of survey data.